Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pound Puppy...

**Just to clarify- this is ALL my Mom's fault. I in no way, what so ever, woke up two Wednesday's ago thinking we would have dog #2 by the end of the night. Now that that is clear-- here is what happened.. :) **

I had joked lately that Ollie needed a friend to keep him company, but most of me knew it wouldn't happen any time soon.. Well two weeks ago my mom sent me an email with a cute little 8 week old pound puppy that needed a home. Umm.. HELLO! Everything is cute at 8 weeks old! I mentioned it to Matt and he jokingly told me, "She is very cute, we should buy her for your mom!" Ha, ya right!

I sat and looked at her picture all day long-- I couldn't help it, she was adorable. And part of me just kept thinking that I needed to bring that puppy home, but I knew Matt would never go for it. Long story short, I mentioned it to him and he told me he would think about it. I didn't want to pressure him and have him regret it later, so I just let things happen as much as I could. He finally told me that we could "go look at her" and then decide from there if we should get her or not. Maybe I am crazy but I CANNOT go to the pound and just "look" at a puppy and then leave it there, no sir, not happening....

To make an even longer story short, we went to the pound and both fell in love with her! (Ok, maybe more me than Matt- but don't let him fool you, I saw that big smile on his face!) Needless to say, we brought pound puppy home with us that night.

Don't mind the blue collar-- it has since been replaced with pink!

Her name is Mya, she is a Dachshund Chihuahua mix. She has been a blast so far, and Ollie has loved having someone to constantly play with. I was a little worried about puppy #2 and whether or not it would be harder or easier, but I am happy to say that thus far (knock on wood....) she has been much easier than Ollie was, yay!