Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh hey there Mr. Due Date...

It was so very nice of you to come and go like that... NOT! 

Ok I guess my due date has not official come and gone quite yet, but it has definitely come and almost gone with no signs of baby coming tonight... darn.
Lets just say that I am very ready to be done being pregnant. We cannot wait to meet this little girl! The last week has been a rough-ish one. I have managed to hit a whole new level of uncomfortable. I have considered myself lucky this pregnancy, I have considered Matt lucky actually. I tell him all the time it could have been so much worse; I could have been crazy! ;)
This last week I have really become uncomfortable and I have become emotional to say the least. So lets all cross our fingers and send positive baby thoughts our way..... I hope that next time I post I am able to say WE HAVE A BABY!! :) 

Baby Webster-- 39 Weeks (...& some baby catch up)

So since I suck at this whole blogging thing I am behind. Sorry! I suck just as bad at taking my weekly "bump" pictures. I did manage to get one at 35 - almost 36 - weeks. Baby girl is still growing and moving like crazy!

The next picture I got around to taking was at 39 Weeks, which just happened to be New Years Eve. We didn't do much to celebrate. We went to dinner at a new Mongolian place in Spanish Fork, Hu Hot, very yummy! :) Then, in Matt's words, we "celebrated with the east coast". I was lucky enough to be asleep by 1030, GEEZ are we boring, but I love it! 

How far along: 39 Weeks (New Years Eve!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gain of 22 ish pounds and staying about the same these days. 

Maternity clothes:Still just my maternity pants that I bought towards the beginning. I am still wearing my original pants too though, they aren't always the most comfortable-- BUT they fit! :) Matt always asks "why don't you just wear your comfy pants??" and lets be honest, who wants to wear the same pair of pants EVERYDAY?? Exactly. 

Stretch marks: Nope. Knock on wood. One of these days I am sure one will sneak up on me though. 

Sleep: Crappy. I am up every few hours just for no reason.

Best moment last week: Getting closer to the end! Only one more week hopefully.. 

Movement: Bigger movements/pushes than before but less little pokes and kicks.  She is moving less, but I think she is running out of room (.. or womb.. ha ha I'm so clever!). 

Food cravings: Spicy things still.. And Mcdonald's french fries with sweet and sour sauce-- Thanks to Kati! 

Gender: Girl, or at least she better still be a girl! 

Labor signs: Little by little I am starting to contract. But nothing major. Unfortunately. 

Belly button - in or out?  Out. That's for sure. ha

What I am looking forward to: Not being pregnant anymore. I know I will miss it one day. But I am just getting uncomfortable and ready to be done. We can't wait to meet this little girl! She is so loved already. 

Milestones: Only one more week.. Hopefully!