Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Newborn Pictures

Warning: Picture overload to follow... You have been warned! :)

We had the chance to take some newborn photos in the nursery and around our house which was a lot of fun! (Thanks Jen!!)
We also went to CameraShy in Lehi to have a newborn session done. Guys, they did WONDERFUL!! If you need pictures taken I would at least consider them. Addy was very unhappy 90% of the time and yet we ended up with some fabulous pictures! 

I now understand why parents post so many pictures of their kids. It's impossible to keep them to myself!

Some of the pictures by Jen:

Some of the CameraShy pictures:

One day she will kill me for this picture! Love this "poop" face!

This is how 90% of the session went... sad baby!

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