Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby Webster-- 39 Weeks (...& some baby catch up)

So since I suck at this whole blogging thing I am behind. Sorry! I suck just as bad at taking my weekly "bump" pictures. I did manage to get one at 35 - almost 36 - weeks. Baby girl is still growing and moving like crazy!

The next picture I got around to taking was at 39 Weeks, which just happened to be New Years Eve. We didn't do much to celebrate. We went to dinner at a new Mongolian place in Spanish Fork, Hu Hot, very yummy! :) Then, in Matt's words, we "celebrated with the east coast". I was lucky enough to be asleep by 1030, GEEZ are we boring, but I love it! 

How far along: 39 Weeks (New Years Eve!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gain of 22 ish pounds and staying about the same these days. 

Maternity clothes:Still just my maternity pants that I bought towards the beginning. I am still wearing my original pants too though, they aren't always the most comfortable-- BUT they fit! :) Matt always asks "why don't you just wear your comfy pants??" and lets be honest, who wants to wear the same pair of pants EVERYDAY?? Exactly. 

Stretch marks: Nope. Knock on wood. One of these days I am sure one will sneak up on me though. 

Sleep: Crappy. I am up every few hours just for no reason.

Best moment last week: Getting closer to the end! Only one more week hopefully.. 

Movement: Bigger movements/pushes than before but less little pokes and kicks.  She is moving less, but I think she is running out of room (.. or womb.. ha ha I'm so clever!). 

Food cravings: Spicy things still.. And Mcdonald's french fries with sweet and sour sauce-- Thanks to Kati! 

Gender: Girl, or at least she better still be a girl! 

Labor signs: Little by little I am starting to contract. But nothing major. Unfortunately. 

Belly button - in or out?  Out. That's for sure. ha

What I am looking forward to: Not being pregnant anymore. I know I will miss it one day. But I am just getting uncomfortable and ready to be done. We can't wait to meet this little girl! She is so loved already. 

Milestones: Only one more week.. Hopefully!

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